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Egomyth walks the tightrope between modern and classic rock, creating songs that defy easy categorization. Their sound combines rock, new wave, and alternative music. Their influences include Muse, U2, Faith No More, The Cure, Killing Joke, The Fixx, Simple Minds, Roxy Music, and The Mission UK.

The Egomyth sound is powerful, evocative, mysterious, innovative, and challenging. Bassist DARREN HAMMEL propels the music through many twists and turns. DAVID "METALUNA" RUPP glues the sound together with stunning synths. Guitarist JOSHUA WEINEL grinds out powerful guitar leads. ERIC BACKOS provides the punchy rhythms. And over top of it all, vocalist MICHAEL BURKETT provides the dramatic voice and insightful lyrics.

Egomyth was formed in 2005 by Michael in Pittsburgh. The lineup and sound have changed over the years, evolving with the times and interests of it’s many members. The new lineup stands poised to build upon their foundation and take the band to new heights.

Egomyth is recording their latest album at Tonic Studios and anticipates it's release late in the summer of 2019.

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