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Hello beautiful beasts of Terra! We are Myk & Lo ~ Slim and Red, a two piece Indie Nerd Alt. Band, who reside in Northwestern Pennsylvania. From Comics and Tolkien to Life and Love; we write and speak our truth. Together since 1998; we grew our Love into music in 2011, even more so with the release of our first album (Issue No. 1: Yggdrasil) in 2012. And have since released 3 more albums (Issue No. 2: Rebirth Through Fire ~~ Annual No. 1: 8-Bit Rocketship ~~ Issue No. 3: The Calming of Osse) with more to come. We're excited for y'all to vibe on what we're putting out. And remember, we are all here to change the world. Much Love!

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Saturday, July 13